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Free luggage limit:

British Airways (BA) is generous when it comes to what is accepted as free baggage allowance. On flights within Europe and Economy Class one piece up to 23 Kg goes free. On intercontinental flights this is increased to 2 pieces of luggage. Each up to 23 Kilo. In total 46 Kilogram!

The same rule applies to passengers in Premium Economy as class of travel. Premium Economy is only available on intercontinental flights.

Within Europe Business Class passengers can avail of two pieces for their luggage each with a 32 Kg limit. If you fly intercontinental Business Class this is increased to 3 pieces with a 32 Kilo limit. The same limit on the weight of the luggage applies to First Class passengers.

Therefore British Airways is optimal if you plan to move your household or if you have a lot of presents to bring to your destination of choice. Especially as the same limits apply to children age 2 – 11 years old.

Sport equipment:

Pretty much every that can be moved and that isn’t of big size (a vaulting pole for example) will be transported by British Airways. But there is no additional allowance on the total weight under the free checked baggage allowance. But with the already high limit compared to other airlines this should not be a concern.

Please keep in mind that BA only allows 2 pieces of luggage for Economy Class passengers for intercontinental flights. Your sport baggage is included in this.

Additional fees:

An additional pieces of baggage will incur fees ranging from Euro 25 up to Euro 98. As per the rules every piece of baggage that is over the 32 Kilo mark has to be send as freight. And will therefore a hefty charge.

If a piece of baggage is above 23 Kilogram it will cost 40 British Pound that has to be paid in local currency at check in. Exceptions from this rule are made for Business Class and First Class passengers (see above) as well as passengers in Economy Class on flight to Brazil.

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