Etihad Business Class Menu and Amenity Kit


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On my recent flight with Etihad I had the opportunity to indulge the Business Class on board of a Boeing 777. Eithad is the only airline that offers direct aisle access for business class seats on board all long haul aircraft’s. Additionally you can dine anytime you like by ordering your food and drinks with the dedicated Food and Beverage Manager. You do not have to eat at set times like on some other airlines. so if you want, you can eat later and go to sleep just after take-off.

When you look at the menu please keep in mind that this is from a night flight (starting around at 2 AM). Due to this you will find an “a la carte” breakfast on it.

The amenity kit consists of the following items:

  • amenity bag
  • socks
  • eye shades
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • cotton buds, pads and emery board
  • ear buds
  • Korres hand cream  and olive lip balm

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