Lufthansa – luggage rules and additional charges


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free checked baggage:

With Lufthansa you are allowed to bring one (1) piece in  Economy Class with 23 Kilo for free. There is an additional rule in place for flights to Japan and western and central Africa. For these destination 2 free pieces of luggage are allowed. For Africa bound destination only under the rule that you are not going to retrieve your luggage at a stop-over. Business Class passengers can bring 2 pieces and First Class 3 pieces. For both cabins the maximum weight is 32 kg.

Sport baggage:

Lufthansa is kind of a cheap charlie in regards of sport baggage. Only your first set of skis are free  (except for flights to the USA, Canada Mexcio and central america. On these flights you will have to pay for the skis as well). All other sports bag(s) will be part of you free luggage allowance. So for travelers in Economy Class it is either your suit case or your sports bag that goes for free. Else you would have to pay for an additional piece of luggage. You also need to register your sports bag within 24 hours after booking your flight. To do so you need to call the Lufthansa customer care center at +49 (0)69 – 86 799 799.

additional charges:

The additional fees are hidden in an customer unfriendly PDF file instead of a website. They vary from 50 Euro / 75 USD for continental flights up to 200 Euro / 300 USD for intercontinental flights. And are depending on the gear you want to bring.

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