More than one airline on the ticket – what is my baggage allowance?


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Airlines are working closer and closer together (Code share flights). Therefore more and more consumers are asking them self the question: What is the baggage allowance on my ticket.

IATA (International Air Transport Association) has published which airline’s rules is preceding when two or more airlines interline on one ticket. These rules can be found in resolution 302, and in short is named  Most Significant Carrier (MSC) principle. The specific rules canbe a bit complex. So you can find examples on the below sorted in tabs.

The basic rules:

IATA is divided into 4 areas. Each area has its own sub areas. The baggage allowance is determined by flight between areas and sub areas.

  • On flights within one subareas the free baggage allowance of the first airline that crosses an international border is applicable
  • On flights between two subareas the luggage rules of the airline that crosses between the two subareas is applicable
  • On flights between two areas the baggage rules of the airline that connects the two IATA areas is applicable
IATA area sub area
North America; Central and South America; Hawaii  USA; Canada; Mexico
Central America
South America
Europe and Middle East Europe
Middle East
Asia; Guam; Southwest Pacific Japan and Korea
Southeast Asia
South Asian Subcontinent

What is you experience with these rules? Did it work for you? Leave me a comment with your opinion.

  • These are two flights within the same sub area. The airline that crosses the first international border set the baggage allowance. In this example it is the airline that operates the Berlin to London flight.

  • This again is flight within the same sub area. But here the second flight crosses the first international border.  The baggage allowance given by the airline operating the Duesseldorf to London flight is applicable.

  • The flight between Dusseldorf and Abu Dhabi is between two sub areas. Luggage rules from the airline operating this flight is applicable.

  • The flight between Dubai and Bangkok crosses between two IATA areas (conferences). This over rules the Hamburg to Dubai flight (between two sub areas but same IATA area). Whichever airline operates the the Dubai to Bangkok flight determines the free baggage allowance.

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