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updated 29.06.2014: new alliance members  TAM and SriLankan Airlines.

Compared to Star Alliance and Sky Team frequent flyer programs there are distinguished points:

  1. In contrast to Star Alliance and SkyTeam no airline is sharing their frequent flyer program. Even BA and Iberia, both are owned by holding group IAG , have different customer programs. This is neither the case for KLM/Air France or Swiss/Lufthansa.
  2. There are three levels for frequent flyers within the OneWorld alliance. Sky Team and Star Alliance each have only two levels above basic level


Level of status overview

  • First level above basic membership level is Ruby. With a Ruby level frequent flyer card you have access to business class check-in. Or might even select seats at booking that are normally blocked. and will be preferred at stand-by and waiting lists.
  • Sapphire is the next level above Ruby and the first one that really gives you some advantages. Additionally to all Ruby advantages you will receive access to the business class lounges and priority boarding. Good if you want to be the first blocking the overhead compartment 🙂
  • Top of all the levels is Emerald. It combines all Ruby and Sapphire offers and: fast track at security control, additional free luggage, access to first class check-in and first class check-in.

If you do not mind the airline you are using to earn status points but instead aims to jump to the levels as quickly as possible would best turn their eyes on Royal Jordanian. Ruby at 15,000 miles, Sapphire is achieved at 35,000 and Emerald for a mere 55,000 miles. Compared to the 20.000 miles for Gold Status with Aegean in Star Alliance the 35,000 Miles are kind of expensive. but once you have reached Emeraldyou will receive with access to the First Class lounge the better perks.

Airline Airline Status Status at Oneworld Miles or points needed for level addition
Airberlin topbonus Silver Card Ruby 25.000
Airberlin topbonus Gold Card Sapphire 50.000
Airberlin topbonus Platinum Card Emerald 100.000
American Airlines AAdvantage Gold Ruby 25.000
American Airlines AAdvantage Platinum Sapphire 50.000
American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum Emerald 100.000
Britisch Airways Executive Club Bronze Ruby 300 points and 2 flights Points Calculator
Britisch Airways Executive Club Silver Sapphire 600 points and 4 flights
Britisch Airways Executive Club Gold Emerald 1.200 points and 4 flights
Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Silver Ruby 30.000
Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Gold Sapphire 60.000
Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Club Diamond Emerald 120.000
Finnair Finnair Plus Silver Ruby 60.000
Finnair Finnair Plus Gold Sapphire 90.000
Finnair Finnair Plus Platinium Emerald 150.000
Iberia Iberia Plus Silber Ruby 1.100 points and one flight
Iberia Iberia Plus Gold Sapphire 2.250 points and a flight
Iberia Iberia Plus Platin Emerald 6.250 points and ein flight
Japan Airlines JAL Mileage Bank Crystal Ruby 30.000 Minimum 15.000 with JAL
Japan Airlines JAL Mileage Bank Sapphire Sapphire 50.000 Minimum 25.000 with JAL
Japan Airlines JAL Mileage Bank Diamond Emerald 100.000 Minimum 50.000 with JAL
LAN LANPass Premium Ruby 40.000 Kilometer – not miles
LAN LANPass Premium Silver Sapphire 80.000 Kilometer – not miles
LAN LANPass Comordoro Emerald 150.000 Kilometer – not miles
Malaysia Airlines Enrich Silver Ruby 25.000 only on flights with Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines Enrich Gold Sapphire 50.000 only on flights with Malaysia Airlines
Malaysia Airlines Enrich Platinum Emerald 100.000 only on flights with Malaysia Airlines
Qantas Silber Ruby 300 points Points Calculator
Qantas Gold Sapphire 700 points
Qantas Platin Emerald 1.400 points
Qatar Airways Silver Ruby 150 points – not miles
Qatar Airways Gold Sapphire 300 points – not miles
Qatar Airways Platinum Emerald 600 points – not miles
Royal Jordanian Silver Plus Ruby 15.000
Royal Jordanian Gold Plus Sapphire 35.000
Royal Jordanian Platinum Plus Emerald 55.000
S7 S7 Priotity Silver Ruby 20.000 only on flights with with S7
S7 S7 Priotity Gold Sapphire 50.000 only on flights with with S7
S7 S7 Priotity Platinum Emerald 75.000 only on flights with with S7
SirLankan Airlines Classic Ruby 20.000 Minimum 1 flight with SriLankan
SriLankan Airlines Gold Sapphire 40.000 Minimum 20.000 miles with SriLankan
SriLankan Airlines Platinum Emerald 60.000 Minimum 30.000 miles with SriLankan
TAM TAM Azul Ruby 15.000
TAM TAM Vermelho Sapphire 50.000
TAM TAM Vermelho Plus Emerald 100.000

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