PointsPay: clever usage of miles to reduce ticket price


Who does not want to reduce the flight ticket prices by using frequent flyer miles that normally are of no worth for a normal traveler. Easier said than it is done. Most of the mileage programs are offering only a handful of upgrades or reward tickets. If you travel once per year you are either forced to buy overpriced items you do not want from the Airlines online shop or the miles will expire. A different way is offered by Etihad together with PointsPay.

Once you have created your account on PointsPay you should add your Etihad frequent flyer account. Once done you can load a virtual prepaid Credit Card with miles you have earned on Etihad. You can use this Credit Card pretty much everywhere in all the online shops. You are therefore no longer bound to the airlines (Etihad) online shop. If this is not enough for you, you can order a plastic card to your home address. This card be used in stores around the world and such increases the possibilities for usage. It is as if you could tranfer your miles into cash.

Hopefully in the future Etihad will not be the only airline that supports PointsPay. This is of importance for traveler’s who have to purchase their tickets by price and not by airline.

I have used Pointspay myself. I used it to settle balances on Googled Playstore as well as Aliexpress. In both cases payment was without flaw and fast. Altogether a nice way to reduce the ticket price by rebating it via frequent flyer miles

Example calculation for PointsPay:

I am just back from a Dublin to Bangkok and return trip. I have paid € 650.00 for the ticket. As this was a heavily discounted ticket i was credited with 6776 miles on the Etihad frequent flyer program. The conversation rate for Pointspay is about 0.5 Euro per mile. I can therefor load my PointsPay card with approximately 33 Euros. Apart from this you can not only earn your miles on Etihad but also on one of their many Airlines partners.

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