Qatar Airways – checked baggage rules


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Free luggage limit:

On all flights Qatar Airways offers the same checked baggage limit of 30 Kilogram when flying Economy Class. Passengers of Business Class can avail of 40Kg and for First Class passengers it is 50 Kilo. All pieces of baggage should not be in excess of a maximum dimension of 406 centimeters (length+width+height combined).

There exceptions for this rule:

  • Flights to and from Brazil: 2 pieces of baggage. Each not exceeding 32 Kilogram and not longer then 152 cm (length+width+height) in all classes of travel
  • Flights between Brazil and Argentina: a maximum of 23 Kilo for each of two pieces of luggage with a maximum dimension of 152 cm regardless of class of travel
  • Flights to and from the USA, Canada and Argentina: 2 pieces of luggage with a maximum dimension not exceeding 152 cm. Weight is restricted to 23 kg in Economy Class. For First and Business Class it is 32 Kilogram per piece.

Sport equipment:

Qatar Airways is really generous on  extra allowances when compared to British Airways for sport equipment listed below. For all flights to and from the USA, Canada, Argentina and Brazil it is one additional piece with a maximum weight of 23 Kilo. Business Class and First Class passengers can avail of 32 kg for their extra free piece of baggage.

For all other flights 10 Kilo in all classes of travel is free.

  • Bicycles
  • Golf equipment
  • Ski equipment
  • Surfboards, windsurfer equipment, kayaks
  • Scuba diving equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Trekking equipment

 Additional fees:

Additional baggage can only be booked until 72 hours before flight departure time. Price is according to the route flown (Europe to Asia for example). A discount is offered when excess luggage is booked via the Qatar Airways website.

Please be aware that you can not book your exceeding baggage when you are flying a multiple city itinerary (eg: outbound London –  Singapore and inbound Bangkok – London) or flights with stop over (change of plane in Qatar (Doha) is not a stop over!). The price list for excess baggage as well as terms for this can be found here.

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