Seat 51 H – Etihad Boeing 777-300 ER


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Selecting the best seat available is not always an easy task.

For my previous flight on an Etihad Airways Boeing 777-300 ER I selected a seat in row 51.

It appeared to me that for a person travelling alone seat 51 H is one of the best options. The normal seat configuration is 3-4-3. This means that 3 seats are together in the window rows. While the aisle rows consists of 4 seats together. As the plane gets narrower towards the end the window rows are missing one seat. Therefore only two seats are in these window rows. On many seat maps available it looks like that the middle seat is missing. But this is not the entire truth. The seats H and K are together and moved  a bit further into the aisle. But only by the amount the plane gets narrower. Due to this you will have two seats in front of you if you select either seat 51 C or 51 H. For seat 51 H you will have the seats 50 H and J in front. You can use this space for more legroom. The attached video will give you an overview of the space available.

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