Seat selection on Malaysia Airlines Airbus A380


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Some months ago I was lucky to go on holidays flying from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur. As this is quite some long flight (scheduled flight time was 13.5 hours on the return leg) I put some efforts into selecting the right seat for this journey. First question was: upper or lower deck on the Airbus A 380? Malaysia Airlines does offer Economy seats on the lower deck as well as in the last section of the upper deck on the Airbus A 380 (see seat map for this plane).

On the upper deck you can sit in a 2x4x2 configuration. That would be a first choice if you want to sit together with a friend or partner. But in contradiction to some rumours going around the upper deck is no longer child free. Malaysia Airlines will locate toddlers and babies here if necessary as the front rows have a bassinet. Additionally it can take some time to get off the plane as Business class will leave the plane first. So, if you want to leave the plane first you better get yourself on the lower deck front eco cabin. If you travel alone I suggest the seats 74A and 74K on the lower deck as long as leaving the plane first is not your priority. Part of the emergency exit door is using the space where the Seat 73A and 73K would be. And this makes the seats in row 74 so comfortable.

Adavantages of Seat 74a and 74K:

  • direct window seat where you can really look out and can use the body of the plane to rest your head.
  • space like an emergency seat but without any extra charge
  • direct access to your seat without sitting in an aisle seat
  • the screen for AVOD is folded in your armrest, making it adjustable in all angles

Disadvantages of Seat 74A and 74K:

  • The only disadvantage is that you do not have much space to store while take-off and landing. But I thin on a 13 hour flight it is OK to get up to get your stuff out of the overhead storage just after the start of the plane. You will have some minimal space between the body of the plane and your armrest that allowed me to store my eBook reader  and will likely hold a tablet as well (no laptop computer).

A short video and some pictures of Seat 74K:


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