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As described previously, there can be big differences in frequent flyer advantages between airlines. All airlines within Staralliance have therefore mutually agreed to honor two commonly shared levels. This is Star Alliance  Silver an Star Alliance Gold. Sky Team offers two distinguished levels but for Oneworld it is three different levels.

Each level with grant you the same reciprocal benefits with all other member airlines. But there might be an additional benefit granted on top. The requirements to gain each level varies from airline to airline. Lufthansa Senator will be given for 35.000 miles. But you will receive more benefits compared to what is granted for Star Alliance Gold members.

You can collect your miles with a different airline. It is possible to fly with airline X but collect miles with airline Z. But it is necessary that both airlines are either in the same alliance or have an agreement in place. The simplest way to receive Star Alliance Gold is to collect the necessary 20.000 miles with Aegan Airlines. And you can collect those 20.000 while flying Lufthansa!

Advantages for Star Alliance frequent flyer

Star Alliance Silver:

In my personal opinion Star Alliance silver status is useless. At least from the point of the guaranteed advantages. If you really need the two advantages offered  you are usually flying so many times that you should already have obtained Star Alliance Gold.

  • Priority on waiting list if flight is fully booked
  • priority on stand-by list if original flight has been missed

Star Alliance Gold:

This is the more interesting status. Because Star Alliance Gold frequent flyer can bring additional baggage without additional charge. As well as free of charge visits for lounges. This will usually costs you tons of money.

  • priority at check-in
  • priority at boarding. Even when flying economy class
  • access to the lounge
  • priority for unloading the baggage at destination
  • additional luggage : 20 kilo if weight concept applies or 1 extra item if piece concept applies (usually for flights to and from North America)
  • all advantages of Star Alliance Silver

How many miles are required for Star Alliance gold and silver?

To make it more easy to get an overview of the requirement I have added them into the below table. Please be aware that as per Star Alliance website the Miles and More Frequent Traveller is only a lowly Star Alliance silver. But don’t be fooled. If you take a look at the Miles&More website you will see that the benefits of this status is very close to Star Alliance Gold. You will only miss out on priority when unloading you baggage at destination and priority at boarding. If you do not need these two advantages then the Miles and More Frequent Traveler status has you covered.

Some airlines insist that you have to take a set amount flights or earn miles with there own flights before they will grant you any status at all.

Airline Status Star Alliance silver-gold ? required miles or points additional comments
Adria Airways Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
Adria Airways Senator Gold 100.000
Aegean Airlines Miles&Bonus Blue Silver 24.000 or 12.000 miles and 2 flights with Aegean or Olympic
Aegean Airlines Miles&Bonus Gold Gold 48.000 or 24.000 miles and 4 flights with Aegean or Olympic
Air Canada Altitude Elite 25k Silver 25.000 requires 12.500 miles and 12 flights with Air Canada
Air Canda Altitude Elite 50k Gold 50.000 requires 25.000 miles and 25 flights with Air Canada
Air China PhoenixMiles Silver Silver 40.000
Air China PhoenixMiles Gold Gold 80.000
Air India Golden Eagle club (GEC) Silver 50.000
Air India The Maharajah Club (TMC) Gold 75.000
Air New Zealand Airpoints Silver Silver 450 points not miles Airpoints calculator
Air New Zealand Airpoints Gold Gold 900 points not mile Airpoint calculator
ANA(All Nippon Airways) Mileage Club Silver Silver 30.000 requires 15.000 miles within ANA Group
ANA Mileage Club Gold Gold 30.000 requires 25.000 miles within ANA Group
Asiana Asiana Club Gold Silver 20.000
Asiana Asiana Club Diamond Gold 40.000
Austrian Airlines Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
Austrian Airlines Senator Gold 100.000
Avianca – Taca Life Miles Silver Silver 22.000 requires 5.000 miles with Avianca or Taca
Avianca – Taca Life Miles Gold Gold 40.000 requires 10.000 miles with Avianca or Taca
Brussels Airlines Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
Brussels Airlines Senator Gold 100.000
Copa Airlines Premier Silver Silver 25.000 uses United Airlines frequent traveler program
Copa Airlines Premier Gold Gold 50.000 uses United Airlines frequent traveler program
Croatia Airlines Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
Croatia Airlines Senator Gold 100.000
Egyptair EGYPTAIR Silver Silber 30.000
Egyptair EGYPTAIR Gold Gold 60.000 after reaching silver you need an additional 30.000 miles
Ethiopian Airlines Sheba Miles Silver Silver 25.000
Ethiopian Airlines Sheba Miles Gold Gold 50.000
EVA AIR Silver Card Silber 30.000 miles on 6 flights with EVA AIR Or 26 flights with EVA AIR
EVA AIR Gold Card Gold 50.000 miles on international flights Or 50 international flights with EVA AIR
LOT Polish Airlines Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
LOT Polish Airlines Senator Gold 100.000
Lufthansa Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
Lufthansa Senator Gold 100.000
Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus Silver Silver 20.000
Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus Gold Gold 50.000
Shenzen Airlines PhoenixMiles Silver Silver 40.000 uses Air China frequent traveler program
Shenzen Airlines PhoenixMiles Gold Gold 80.000 uses Air China frequent traveler program
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Elite Silver Silver 25.000
Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Elite Gold Gold 50.000
South African Airways Voyager Silver Silver 25.000
South African Airways Voyager Gold Gold 50.000
Swiss Airlines Frequent Traveller Silver 35000
Swiss Airlines Senator Gold 100.000
TAP Victoria Silver Winner Silver 30.000
TAP Victoria Gold Winner Gold 70.000
Thai Airways Royal Orchid Silver Silver 10.000
Thai Airways Royal Orchid Gold Gold 50.000
Turkish Airlines Miles&Smile Classic Plus Silver 25.000
Turkish Airlines Miles&Smile Elite Gold 40.000
United Airlines Premier Silver Silver 25.000
United Airlines Premier Gold Gold 50.000

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